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As you move around the map watch the action in the Scene. Only
the parts of the map that are within sight of the player's camera are
generated and drawn. As you move around, as parts of the map become
out of sight, they are destroyed. This keeps the memory usage low and
allows you to move infinitely in any direction totally oblivious to the small
mesh your character is standing on.
A view of the infinite landscape is shown in Figure 7.29 .
FIG 7.29 An infinite landscape generated in Unity.
7.4 Camera Tricks
Cameras are the player's eyes into the game environment. What the camera
sees is projected onto the computer screen. Before each pixel is drawn the
game developer can add special treatments to the properties and colors of the
pixels by attaching scripts to the camera. This allows for the creation of many
different visual effects. For example, a blur effect can be added to the camera
when the player is underwater to give the illusion water is in the player's eyes
or the scene can be rendered in sepia to make it look like an old-time movie.
Many of the following effects come from the domain of image processing and
photographic postproduction and can be found readily as filters in Adobe
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