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FIG 7.14 Lake Louise as interpreted by the author.
Step 26. Select the directional lights in the environment and ensure
that they have the value for Shadow Type set to Hard or Soft Shadows
in the Inspector.
Step 27. In the Lightmapping window with the Object tab selected,
click on a directional light in the Hierarchy to add.
Step 28. Select the Bake tab and click on the Bake button.
The term baking in games and computer graphics refers to creating a
texture of an image and adding it to a mesh in cases where sometimes
the texture might be dynamically created. For example, dynamic shadows
that are generated and therefore can change in the game environment as
it plays are not baked. Shadows that are baked into the environment have
become part of the environment's textures and therefore cannot change
during game play.
The terrain baking procedure may take some time. A progress bar will
appear in Unity. At this time it is best to go and make a cup of coffee. The
baking screen is shown in Figure 7.15 .
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