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FIG 7.11 Trees and shoreline added
to Lake Louise terrain.
Step 21. Lake Louise is a vibrant blue color. The water you've added
might not be quite right. To change this, select the Water in the
Hierarchy and change its Reflective Color to a more suitable blue
as shown in Figure 7.12 .
Step 22. Last but not least, import the Skybox package.
Step 23. Select Edit > Render Settings from the main menu and set
the Skybox Material variable in the Inspector to the skybox of your
choice as shown in Figure 7.13 .
Step 24. Remove the plane containing the real photograph of Lake
Louise and play to enjoy your new creation. An example is shown
in Figure 7.14 .
Step 25. One final step to perform is to create shadows on the surface
of the terrain. Ensure that you have at least one directional light in the
scene. Select Window > Lightmapping from the main menu.
A lightmap is a generated texture laid over the terrain like a cloth that
contains black spots where shadows should appear. It is generated based
on the location of the lights in the scene and how rays cast from them hit
(or don't hit) the terrain. Objects in the way of the light rays cause black
spots on the lightmap.
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