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FIG 7.10 An example of a
painted terrain.
detail. It will lift the tree line and create shore for the water of the lake
as shown in Figure 7.11 .
Step 16. From the main menu select Assets > Import Package > Water.
Choose the Pro version if you have it; otherwise Basic will do.
Step 17. Locate the Daylight Water prefab. It will be in the Standard
Assets folder in the Project. Drag it onto the terrain. At first it will
appear as a small blue circle. Select it in the Hierarchy. Press R to resize
and drag the resizing axes in the Scene to make the water the same
size as the lake area. It is okay if the water intersects with the terrain. If
the water is at the exact same y position as the terrain there will be a
rendering conflict between the ground of the map and the water. Lift
the water up slightly in the y direction to eliminate this.
Step 18. Import the Character Controller package.
Step 19. Add a First Person Controller to the Scene. Play and you will
be able to walk around and take a first-hand look at your handiwork.
At this level you may notice a lot of little details you've missed.
Step 20. When playing, if you cannot see the background mountains
increase the Main Camera's Far Clipping Plane to 5000. As you want to
portray a feeling of vastness to the player in this environment, having
the background mountains pop in and out of view as the player
moves spoils this effect.
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