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FIG 7.9 Adding a terrain texture.
Wherever trees will be placed, think about the final effect. If you want the
trees to look lush and forest like, a ground color similar to the trees will
make it look denser than it is. An example of the painted terrain is shown
in Figure 7.10 .
Step 12. Trees can also be painted onto the surface using Tool 5.
Currently, there are no trees in the Project. Download the terrain
assets package available at
assets/terrain-assets and import into your project.
Step 13. Trees are added to the tree brush in the same way images
are added to the textures. Add a couple of appropriate trees.
Step 14. Examine the photograph of Lake Louise. Note how the trees
do not cover the entire landscape? Obviously they will not be in the
lake area but they are thickest near the water and thin out to a distinct
level after which the odd tree is found. In the real world, elevation
and soil content at heights make it inhospitable for trees. Therefore,
mimicking nature in this way makes the terrain look better.
Step 15. In the picture of Lake Louise there is also a thin line of sand
around the edge of the lake. Once you have added the trees, take a
small texture painting brush, select a light sand color, and add this
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