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FIG 7.5 Lake Louise.
7.3.1 Drawing a Terrain
As you will find in the next section, although a terrain can be computer
generated, the most detailed and realistic terrains are best created by hand.
Throughout this chapter we work with the same terrain, adding differing
effects to make it feel as realistic as possible. The terrain will be modeled
on a photograph of Canada's Lake Louise, as shown in Figure 7.5 .
Unity Hands On
Creating a Terrain
Step 1. Open Unity and create a new project.
Step 2. From the main menu select Terrain > Create Terrain. A large
flat plane will appear in the scene.
Step 3. Add a directional light. When creating the terrain, a directional
light helps show up the definition.
Step 4. To sculpt the terrain, select the terrain in the Hierarchy.
A toolset will appear in the Inspector. The operation of the buttons
is defined in Table 7.1 .
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