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of the game environment and sometimes they don't. For example, a game
that is a simple from start to end consists of a linear story in which the player is
moving through a story like an actor in a movie. Instead of being a key decision
maker, the player will have a very linear game map in which the player moves
from some starting position to an ending position. The level may convince the
player that he has some control over his destiny with smatterings of game play;
however, in the end, the real options are that the player dies or moves on at
each challenge. Other open-type simulations such as SimCity have an evolving
narrative that in no way at all dictates the physical layout of the map.
With this in mind, we examine several game-level design structures and
discuss how the player's journey through the story and the actual game
world are related. While each of the ones presented illustrate a single game
progression strategy, it is more the case for real games to use a hybrid of
the ones presented to make for a more engaging player experience. Their
generalization, illustrated in Figure 7.4 , herein is for academic purposes only.
A truly open game map will have multiple starting positions and ending
positions with numerous unordered challenges in between, as shown in
Figure 7.4a . From a narrative point of view, The Sims is this type of game,
FIG 7.4 Game level design
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