Game Development Reference
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FIG 7.1 A large map terrain
with focal point.
are billboards and 3D objects with very low polycounts. As the player can
never get anywhere near these objects, having them in high definition
is a pointless waste of computer memory.
Terrain maps, such as those encountered in Halo , subtly guide the player
along a path where the sides are defined by steep inclines, vast drops, or
endless water.
Enemy and reward placement also push the player into moving in a certain
direction. Players of first person shooters know that they are moving toward
their goal as the number of enemies increases. If there are nonplayer
characters in a certain location, they are obviously guarding something
important and the player feels the need to investigate. Even in children's
games where there aren't such gruesome enemies, placing power-ups
or extra point pickups along the path will keep them moving in the right
7.2.3 Scaling
A recurring mistake newbie map designers make is in the scaling and
detail of an environment and the objects within it. While some people are
naturally talented at being able to create realistic-looking scenes, others
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