Game Development Reference
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Step 7. The Build Settings window also allows you to change the
target platform; for now we are building for Mac or PC. Click on Build
and Run. Give the application a name and location when asked. When
the application runs you will see a dialog box with your splash image,
such as the one in Figure 6.3 . In this part of the Inspector you can also
give your application an icon image.
FIG 6.3 The default Unity game startup dialog box.
Step 8. This dialog box can be turned off in the Player Settings of the
Inspector under Resolution and Presentation > Display Resolution
Step 9. You've already experienced the use of scenes in Unity, but
haven't created your own and linked them yet. So, to begin, let's
make the current scene the main menu. Although there is nothing
in the scene, save it with File > Save Scene As and call it mainmenu .
This scene name will appear in the Project.
Step 10. Create a new JavaScript file and name it mainmenu . Open
it in the script editor. Add the code shown in Listing 6.1 .
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