Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
FIG 6.1 An example flowchart.
player's choices. The arrows indicate the path the player will take to get from
one screen to another. A flowchart can take any form that meets your needs
( Figure 6.1 ).
More often than not, once you've decided on the basic game and mocked up
some prototypes, chances are you won't yet have created or thought about
the main menu, splash screen, game over screen, etc. This is when it is best to
create a flowchart to ensure that you've thought about all the game elements
and possible situations that could be encountered by the player.
Unity Specifics
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Objects
Unity has an extensive built-in set of GUI objects. You will have
already experienced a number of them in previous workshops. They
appear in the OnGUI() functions. For more details about these objects,
have a look at the Unity documentation available at http://unity3d
Elements.html .
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