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FIG 5.18 Visualizing a fuzzy set.
Step 3. Note in fuzzyBrain.js how the fuzzy rules are written out in an
English-type manner. This allows you to write out your own fuzzy rules
to suit the purposes of your NPC. Using fuzzy rules creates NPCs that
are less predictable, as not even the programmer can be sure what
they will do under specific conditions.
Step 4. Play. When you shoot at the robot, it will ignore you until its
health and shield strength become reasonably low. When it is almost
dead it will run away and wait for its strength to return. The robot
model doesn't have a death animation and therefore when its health
and shield reach 0 they stay at zero. You will not be able to kill it.
This workshop has provided a very brief overview of including fuzzy logic in
a game environment. It demonstrates how to link the DotFuzzy engine into
Unity. From this point you will be able to create your own rules and define
fuzzy behaviors for other NPCs.
5.9 Genetic Algorithms
Evolutionary computing examines intelligence through environmental
adaptation and survival. It attempts to simulate the process of natural
evolution by implementing concepts such as selection, reproduction, and
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