Game Development Reference
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Fig 1.22 The cube with the spin
script attached.
Step 18. Press the play button and watch as the cube spins.
Step 19. To save the application, select File > Save Scene from the
main menu. In the dialog that pops up, give the scene a name such
as spinningCube . Next, select File > Save Project from the main
Each project you create can have multiple scenes. Scenes are saved inside
projects. For example, an entire game application would be a single
project. However, inside the game there would be multiple scenes, such
as Main Menu, Help Screen, Map View, and 3D View. Single scenes can
also be imported from one project to another.
1.5 A Scripting Primer
Hard-core programmers do not strictly consider scripting as programming,
as it is a much simpler way of writing a program. Scripting languages have
all the properties of programming languages; however, they tend to be
less verbose and require less code to get the job done. For example, the
JavaScript and Java shown in Listings 1.4 and 1.5, respectively, demonstrate
how the scripting language JavaScript requires much less code to achieve
the same outcome as Java. The major difference between programming and
scripting is that programming languages are compiled (built into a program
by the computer) and then run afterward and a scripting language is
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