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For example, the Spanish conquered and wiped out the Aztec Empire in the
region now known as Mexico beginning in August 1519 and declaring final
victory on August 13, 1521.
Outdoing an opponent is a classic game play goal. For example, in chess , the
aim is to get your opponent into checkmate while taking pieces along the
way or make them surrender. In the online StarCraft one-on-one games, this
too is the objective. In Black & White , the player who takes the part of a god
must gather more loyal worshippers than the other gods in order to drive
the other gods away and rule over an island.
Again, this mechanic need not be so literal. The conquering of another
opponent in a game environment might mean you own a bigger house,
have more money, or have a better car. This is the clichéd need to “outdo the
Joneses” and can be a direct goal in the game environment or could evolve as
an interpersonal consequence of players comparing their individual
game play success and status with each other.
4.3.10 Avoidance
One key to human survival is the avoidance of disliked and harmful things.
This includes not eating poisonous substances, not sitting on a fire, and
getting out of the way of large moving objects.
Numerous games require the player to avoid items and situations that are
harmful to their character. Space Invaders requires players to move their ship
so that it doesn't get hit by alien fire, and FPS games require the player to
avoid enemy fire. Jojo's Fashion Show , a game in which the player must dress
models according to particular themes, even requires the player to avoid
wearing the wrong clothes.
Instead of telling players what they can do, avoidance is all about showing them
what they can't. The inability to avoid whatever it is they should be avoiding
penalizes players through reduced points or health given the situation.
Avoidance places constraints on the actions of players such that they
must keep in mind what they can't do while trying to progress through
the game environment.
4.3.11 Collecting
Collecting is another natural human behavior. At the extreme, someone who
cannot control collecting items is classified as a compulsive hoarder . In a game
environment, however, items are there to be collected for a purpose.
Some items can be collected and placed in an inventory to be used at a later
time. When used, these might disappear or go back into the inventory. The
collecting mechanic is often used with searching. In Disney's Princesses game,
children are required to walk through the virtual kingdom searching for and
collecting magical items to help the princesses.
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