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enough. Training tends to take many hours and sometimes days in real time.
As the player's character can continue to train when the player is not logged
in, it is also a clever mechanism to keep players attached to their character
and to keep them logging back in to check on their progress and start new
training regimes.
4.3.7 Progressing
Life is about progressing, whether it be growing from a baby to an adult,
getting a university degree, or getting a job promotion. Humans,
in general, experience stages in their lives that correlate with their
age and achievements.
Games employ a progression scheme in which the player begins as a
noob and progresses to the level of expert at the end. Along this journey,
progression schemes are put in place that give players a feeling of
achievement for their efforts. For example, in EVE Online , the longer you
play the game, the higher the training level you can achieve. In StarCraft ,
the more you play, the more money you can make to spend on upgrading
your equipment. In The Sims , one of the game goals is to progress the job
of your Sim until it reaches its lifetime achievement.
Progression will occur naturally in any game as a player becomes more
familiar and skilled at the game play. However, as can be seen from the
preceding examples, it can also be built in as a reward system and a way
to progress the player through game levels or narrative.
4.3.8 Capturing
To capture is to take something that belongs to someone else through
force or your own efforts. Throughout history there is a long list of tribes
capturing members of other tribes, armies capturing cities, and pirates
taking ships.
Some games embed this mechanic as the primary objective of the game. For
example, Civilization requires players to take over others cities and countries.
The Dutch East India Company challenges players to take cities along the
spice route in order to be able to build a more profitable trading company
between European and east Asian cities.
Capturing can also be used in a game in not such a literal sense. For example,
it could involve knocking out another game character in order to steal his
weapon or stealing a car to make a quick getaway.
4.3.9 Conquering
In a similar vein to capturing is the action of conquering. Whereas capturing
is more likened to stealing, conquering is about outdoing or annihilating the
competition. Like capturing, human races have a long history of conquering.
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