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Fig 1.1 Dogs in the yard of a castle
by Tabytha de Byl aged 4.
dog, but something far from what an actual house and dog look like.
This is evident in the child's drawing in Figure 1.1 . The title of the topic,
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain , also suggests that the ability
to draw should be summoned from the side of the brain traditionally
associated with creativity and that most bad drawings could be blamed
on the left.
Different intellectual capability is commonly attributed to either the left or
the right hemispheres. The left side being responsible for the processing
of language, mathematics, numbers, logic, and other such computational
activities, whereas the right deals with shapes, patterns, spatial acuity, images,
dreaming, and creative pursuits. From these beliefs, those who are adept at
computer programming are classified as left-brained and artists as right-
brained. The segregation of these abilities to either side of the brain is called
lateralization . While lateralization has been generally accepted and even used
to classify and separate students into learning style groups, it is a common
misconception that intellectual functioning can be separated so clearly.
In fact, the clearly defined left and right brain functions are a neuromyth
stemming from the overgeneralization and literal isolation of the brain
hemispheres. While some functions tend to reside more in one side of
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