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Adding Secondary Animations
Step 1. Download Chapter Three/ from the
Web site. Unzip and open with Unity. Open the secondaryAnim
scene. The scene is the final product from the previous workshop.
Double-click on Hero in the Hierarchy to center the scene on the
Step 2. From the main menu, select GameObject > Create Other >
Cloth. A large plane will be added to the scene. Drag the Interactive
Cloth object in the Hierarchy onto the top-level Hero object. The
Interactive Cloth will become a child object of Hero.
Step 3. Download Chapter Three/Cape.blend from the Web site
and drag and drop the file into the Project.
Step 4. Locate the cape model in the Project and click on the small
arrow next to it to expand. Next, select the Interactive Cloth from
the Hierarchy and locate the Interactive Cloth component in the
Inspector. Drag the Cape New mesh in the Project onto the Mesh
variable in the Inspector as shown in Figure 3.20 .
FIG 3.20 Creating a cape
using a 3D cape model and
an interactive cloth object.
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