Game Development Reference
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Red, Green, Blue
Some software specifies the values
between 0 and 255 in place of 0 and 1,
Fig 1.15 The Adobe Photoshop color
An alternate way to set the value of a color is with values between 0 and
255 instead of between 0 and 1. It depends on the software you are using.
In programming, values are usually between 0 and 1 and more commonly
between 0 and 255 in color pickers.
Also included with most color pickers is the ability to set the color using
different color models. The one shown in Figure 1.15 includes a Hue,
Saturation, and Brightness model, as well as a CMYK model. For more
information on these, check out .
1.4 How Game Engines Work
A game engine takes all the hard work out of creating a game. In the not so
distant past, game developers had to write each game from scratch or modify
older similar ones. Eventually game editor programs started to surface that
allowed developers to create games without having to write a lot of the
underlying code.
The game engine takes care of things such as physics, sound, graphics
processing, and user input, allowing game developers to get on with the
creation of high-level game mechanics. For example, in Unity, physical
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