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Note that in the Project, Character Models > Hero Artwork folder you will
find a number of files named Hero@*** , where *** is an action such as
FireGun or IdleAnim . Each one of these files is an fbx animated model. By
naming them like this in the Project, when the original Hero model (the
one at the very top of the list without the @***) is added to the Hierarchy,
Unity will automatically be able to detect the other animation files that
belong with Hero.
Step 2. Play. The current model in the scene is Hero@Idle. It will play,
and the model will ever so slightly sway and then stop. What has
occurred is that the animation played just once and then stopped.
Animations will not loop automatically.
To access the full range of the Hero's animations, delete the Hero@Idle
object from the Hierarchy. Locate the original Hero model (just called
“Hero”) in the Character Models > Hero Artwork folder in the Project and
drag and drop it into the scene. The model will appear with both arms
outstretched and two guns will appear floating next to it as shown in
Figure 3.8 . This position is called the bind pose, as the posture models are
placed inside the animation software before their animations are bound
to them.
FIG 3.8 The model and animations.
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