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FIG 3.7 Starting frames for four
different animations performed
by the same character.
actions, the full movement of the character will appear fluid. In a situation
where the animation switches to the shoot down, the arms and shoulders
will move away from the initial poses of the others. If this is a very small
movement, and given the legs don't move, the change in pose will appear
as a simple frame change in any other segment.
If a situation arises where the character needs to go from a walking to
a crawling action, two in-between sequences are required to stitch the
animations together: one for getting down and one for standing up.
Sometimes a single animation is reused for its reverse action. For example,
getting down is reused for the standing up and walking forward is reused for
walking backward. However, if you have a close look at both these examples,
the results are usually very unconvincing and ruin the entire effect.
Baked animations can be made in software modeling and animation tools such
as Autodesk's 3DS Max and Maya. The native format for animations in Unity is
fbx, which can be created with both these applications. Once the fbx sequences
have been imported into Unity, Script can be used to control how they play.
Unity Hands On
Controlling Character Animation
Step 1. Download Chapter Three/ from
the Web site. Unzip and open the project in Unity. Open the
characterAnimation scene. In the Game you will see a character and
simple terrain.
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