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Fig 1.11 A 3D object scaled in multiple ways: (a) the original object, (b) scaled uniformly by 2, (c) scaled by 3 vertically, (d) scaled by 0.5 horizontally,
and (e) scaled by 1 vertically.
When vertices of an object
around the origin are scaled,
negative values become bigger
negative values and the same
with positive values. But the
original center (0,0) when
scaled will remain (0,0).
If the vertices are all
positive, then scaling
them up will just make
them bigger. And the final
object moves location.
Fig 1.12 How scaling can move an object.
In games, textures are created using image files called maps . They are created
in Adobe Photoshop or similar software. The image that gives an object its
color is called a texture map , color map , or diffuse coloring . All images are
mapped onto an object, polygon by polygon, using a technique called UV
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