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2.7 Two-Dimensional and 3D Tricks
for Optimizing Game Space
The real world is a big place. The dream of many a game designer is to
recreate the real world in all its detailed glory and vastness. Unfortunately,
modeling everything down to the last nut and bolt and putting it into a
game engine for real-time processing is not possible. However, many games
do fake the vastness of the outside world very effectively, fooling the player
into believing that the environment outside the game play area goes on
A game requires a high frame rate to provide the player with a seamless
game-playing experience. Between each frame, the computer must process
all game object behavior, sound, physics, and player interactions. The number
of game objects in view of the game has a large effect on the frame rate as
they must be processed and re-rendered. Therefore, when designing a game
level or environment it is critical to keep in mind how many things will need to
be drawn in a scene and reduce this to an absolute minimum while keeping
the quality high. Having said this, it might not necessarily be the number of
objects in a scene that need to be reduced but reconsideration of how they
are treated and drawn.
This section explores some common ways for optimizing 3D game worlds.
2.7.1 Reducing Polygons
Each polygon, being the smallest part of a mesh, adds to the processing
of a scene. On high-end gaming machines the polycount must increase
dramatically to affect the frame rate. However, on mobile devices, simply
adding a couple of hundred polygons can bring a game to a halt. Here are
some methods to reduce the polycount.
Use Only What You Need
When creating a model for a game, consider the number of superfluous
polygons in the mesh and reduce. For example, the default plane object
created by Unity is essentially a square. If you only ever use it as a square, such
as for objects in the rocket ship game, this object is inefficient as it has many
polygons. A simple square plane only requires two triangular polygons. In this
case, create a square plane in Blender and import it instead.
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