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Secondary Motion
Step 1. Open the project from the last hands-on session or download
and open Chapter Two/ . We are going to add some
curtains and wind effects reminiscent of morgue scenes from the
original Splinter Cell .
Step 2. In the Scene, move your point of view such that you are
looking into the room that has the truck in it. Add a cloth object by
selecting GameObject > Cloth from the main menu.
Step 3. Rotate, resize, and position the cloth in the doorway as shown
in Figure 2.39 . Ensure that the cloth does not touch any sides or
the top or bottom of the doorway. Rotate it with the normal facing
outward (away from the truck). You will notice that the cloth object,
just like a plane, only has one side. It will not be visible from inside
the other room.
Fig 2.39 Positioning a cloth object in
a doorway with attachments.
Step 4. Create a new material and add it to the cloth. Set the
shader to Transparent/VertexLit. Make up your own Main Color
(and set the alpha value to 80% for some transparency), Spec Color
(this is the color that is reflected from the surface when lit),
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