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Step 8. Select the plane from the Hierarchy and find its Rigidbody
component in the Inspector. To add air friction, set the value of
Drag to 10.
Step 9. Press play. The plane will fall away more slowly than the cube.
When the cube hits the plane, the plane will speed up and possibly
flip, depending on where you've placed the cube with respect to the
Step 10. Remove the Rigidbody from the plane by selecting the small
drop-down menu as shown in Figure 2.29 .
Fig 2.29 Removing a component
from a GameObject.
Step 11. Select the cube in the Hierarchy, right-click on it, and
select Duplicate as shown in Figure 2.30 . Duplicating a GameObject
after it has had components, such as a Rigidbody, attached to it
will ensure that the duplicate has all the same attachments. Move
the duplicate cube, which will be in the exact same location as the
Fig 2.30 Duplicating a GameObject in the Inspector.
Step 12. Continue duplicating and moving to build a stack of cubes
as shown in Figure 2.31 .
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