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80 million users, there is still a compelling argument in favor of porting your
games to MySpace and monetizing them through MySpace's gWallet system.
MySpace has made this task easier by partnering with Microsoft, as well as
several engine and middleware providers like Unity and Pushbutton who
offer free or reduced cost tools for developers. MySpace was recently sold for
pennies on the dollar to Specific Media. 6
Although it can't boast anywhere near the number of users of Facebook,
MySpace is still a very serious player in the social network gaming busi-
ness. They offer a host of tools to help developers monetize their products.
In brief, these are:
l gWallet , which serves up 2D and video ads for MySpace apps and games.
l TrialPay , which allows developers to easily accept payments from credit
cards, PayPal, and so on. TrialPay also offers brand tie-ins and promotions
as an embedded advertising-type solution.
l provides another source for contextually targeted advertising using
the MySpace Real Time Stream.
l PayPal lets users pay for in-game purchases using a secure PayPal account
that can be funded in a variety of ways.
l Spare Change makes it easier to implement microtransactions in your
l Click and Buy accepts payments from users in different countries around
the world.
l Social Gold promises easy integration of payment processing.
l Moneybookers is another global payment system which uses the “digital
wallet” metaphor.
#5: PlayStation Network is Sony's online PlayStation service. Between get-
ting a late start and falling prey to some vicious and repeated hacker attacks
in early 2011, PlayStation's online network has had a rocky first few years.
However, the PSN (as it's commonly abbreviated) claims over 77 million
users and a virtual currency sold in many stores in the form of PlayStation
Network Cards. The service features friend lists, instant messaging, match-
making, leaderboards, a trophy system, virtual avatars and virtual spaces, as
well as a host of online games.
#6: Ning is a novel platform that allows users to “create their own social
networks” around different types of content. Because there is a price
attached to the creation of what Ning calls a “social website,” this tends
to attract those with a message or a product to sell. Political campaigns,
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