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Bejeweled Blitz for Facebook has a tremendous following, as do many other PopCap
games. A study released by PopCap paints a portrait of the average social gamer as
43 and female. Used with permission of PopCap.
The lack of specialized hardware requirements (no console, controllers, plas-
tic guitars, or joysticks needed), the low cost to enter the game (they are often
free to play), shorter time commitments, and the focus of many social games
on cooperative play have all been offered up as reasons for this shift in demo-
graphic. Almost all of these reasons are contributing factors. Moreover, the
“share with friends” nature of many social games, the general lack of gratuitous
violence, the accessibility of the gaming experience, and the ability to easily
play with friends and family all combine to be appealing to groups who have
traditionally felt excluded from the “boy's club” of traditional gaming. Those
games that do have violence at their core (the so-called “X-Wars” model) have
generally been eclipsed by the more collaborative “X-Ville” models. In almost
all cases, there is only one button to master in the interface for Facebook games
(mouse left-click). And the ease of getting any PC or Mac online has led to a far
greater user base than any console has mustered.
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