Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Used with permission of Lolapps.
l• We can see from the slide above that the game enjoys a slightly surpris-
ing amount of geographical diversity. The large number of players from
the Philippines likely results from the game launching with Spanish and
Indonesian/Malay language versions.
l Their user gender demographics chart quite closely follows Facebook's
average (about 60 percent of players are female). But we can see that the
Ravenwood Fair audience tends to be a bit younger than the players of many
other games on Facebook.
By focusing on increasing user engagement, Lolapps and John Romero
have been able to create a highly successful social game. They put “fun”
at the very center of their game experience by making it the player's most
important stat. They sold users on the idea of regular consumable micro-
transactions by making energy consumables cheap and giving the users a
reason to want more of it. They built an art style that is colorful, that is
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