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In 1997, John Romero threatened to “Make You His Bitch” in a notorious
series of advertisements for his first-person shooter Daikatana . Although the
games business has never let him live that down, Romero emerged in a kinder,
gentler form at social game development studio Lolapps in 2010 and shipped
Ravenwood Fair shortly thereafter. Ravenwood Fair is a colorful, cute game in
which players work to hew out a space inside a dark wood in order to cre-
ate a fun-filled fair. Players chop down wood, build various attractions, and
care for visitors who come to visit their fair. The game launched on Facebook
on October 19, 2010, and is now available on four different social networks.
Ravenwood Fair grew in population very quickly, attracting more than
25 million players worldwide within its first six months.
The team at Lolapps has been remarkably generous in sharing their data and
metrics with the social game design community at large. In this section, we'll
examine some of their metric data in an effort to provide a real-world example
of some of what we've discussed and will also provide some context for how
game designers can use metric gathering to improve their games.
Used with permission of Lolapps.
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