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context in order to make much sense. For example, if 400 people click on an ad
for your game and get to the install screen, but only 20 of them end up actually
installing the application, then your CVR is 5 percent.
CPI: Cost per Install
Getting users to install your game in the first place typically has costs, the vast
majority of which are associated with the advertising you bought in order to
drive initial awareness and interest in the product. (Usually, development costs
for the product itself are excluded from this value.) CPI (cost per install) mea-
sures the total marketing cost divided by the number of total installs. If you
bought 10 million impressions at $1 each, and 1 million installed the game,
then your total advertising cost is $10 million, and your CPI is $10.
5.5 General Terms
Let's take a quick look at some of the common jargon used in the business.
You may hear game designers talk about the auditability of their metrics. What
this means is that any metric data you gather should be able to be sanity-
checked against other known valid sources in order to ensure that your data is
accurate. Google Analytics and Facebook's metrics both provide good places to
cross-check your data for auditability.
EED: Entry Event Distribution
Put simply, EED (entry event distribution) refers to the first action that users
perform when they come to your game or to your site. By measuring and
understanding this information, you can determine why users actually play
your game. When users have a collection of choices upon entering a game,
what do they select first? This statistic tells you a lot about what draws them
back to the game. For example, if 80 percent of your users always first check
the leaderboards to see how their ranking has changed relative to their friends',
you can deduce that social competition is a huge motivator to your players. On
the other hand, if their first action is always to check their in-game mailbox to
see what gifts friends have sent them, you can tell that they are playing for the
cooperative social aspect. Each game will have different types of events and
different EED measurements. But it's very helpful to learn to think in terms of
common user actions and use cases.
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