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Interview with Jason Decker: Love Letters from
Your Community—cont'd
Q: Can you tell me more about other ways that you can monetize your
users or give them value for their money?
A: In a lot of ways, people are paying for access to your users. If you have
a game that is slightly popular, other people approach you because you
have “eyeballs” of a certain demographic that advertisers want to reach.
Well, one way is that you can trade. Some other game will offer you a
certain amount of money to give your users an offer that will let them
get some in-game currency in exchange for them downloading that other
game. If your players don't want to spend a dollar, but they want the
value of it in our currency and are willing to spend time to download that
other game, then everyone wins.
It's a very noisy world out there. I don't have time to see everything
out there, and I don't even know what I should see. I rely on friends to
tell me. The virality of the game world is so important because we're
all built to ignore advertising right now. So our players who don't have
money or don't want to spend money put in the extra effort. I used to be
against this kind of thing, but I don't see any loss now. If player doesn't
want to do it, they won't do it.
Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios. Used with permission.
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