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Interview with Jason Decker: Love Letters from
Your Community—cont'd
Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios. Used with permission.
Q: When it comes to monetization, the game is free to download on all
these various devices—every mobile device and soon on PC—so how does
Spacetime get paid?
A: We joke that the game is free, but we make our money thorough
volume. When I say you have to chip away, the reality is that you have to
take every angle possible to monetize your game.
For one thing, we sell indirect advertising. It's a push/pull world
out there. One aspect of how things work is by ranking. Advertising,
marketing, getting on the shelf (in the app store)—you have to do some
dastardly tricks to get seen. To expose a secret underbelly: in the app
world, there's a lot of noise. Anyone can make an app. That sounds
great, really democratic, and I'm all for it. But the flip side is that there's
tons of noise, so even getting people to know about your game is nearly
The whole scene is so new that the app stores on iOS and Android
don't have a good grasp on how to handle all the choices. Should you
sort by ratings, price, or number of downloads? It's so hard to tell what's
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