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Interview with Jason Decker: Love Letters from
Your Community—cont'd
Q: Was Pocket Legends the first MMO on mobile?
A: Yes, I think it was! We were able to put it on the iPhone 3G, and even
on the Edge network. So you can play it at the airport, in line at the store,
wherever. We were trying to get an old arcade-game Gauntlet , mix it with
some Diablo , add a little bit of World of Warcraft , and make it so you could
play it anywhere. There was some toilet humor around this idea: we joked
that we wanted to let you play through an instance while in the john.
Q: So you built the first MMO I can play on the can?
A: Exactly. It was interesting because our company was into the big
MMO, AAA development. A few years ago, when the economy tanked,
we lost some contracts. Our big game got killed and we were forced to
whittle the company down to just six or seven people. And we won-
dered, “What would it be like to take all those millions of dollars of
research and development and squeeze it into the phone?” A few days
later, Rick Delashmit, one of our great programmers, showed us some
pink boxes walking around on a pink dungeon floor. That was half the
battle right there. There was Pocket Legends .
Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios. Used with permission.
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