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Around the same time, GameStop opened a digital storefront on Facebook.
However, as of this writing, GameStop has not yet moved into the social
games space per se. Indeed, their deleterious effects on the retail sector have
likely helped drive the movement of many game developers and publishers
into experimenting with social games.
Why should you care about all this? Because GameStop will continue to
affect the social gaming scene. Their attention has turned to digital downloads
and their move to create a Facebook storefront means that they are very clearly
paying attention to the social gaming dollars that are currently slipping through
their fingers. As bandwidth continues to increase and as the distance in produc-
tion values between retail products and socially distributed games continues to
narrow, GameStop will become a greater threat to companies like Zynga and to
game designers like you. Either figure out how to beat them or figure out how
to join them, but do not ignore them.
Interview with Jason Decker: Love Letters from
Your Community
Jason Decker has been making
games for more than 15 years. He's
built console, PC, MMO, mobile, and
social games. Currently the Art Director
of Spacetime Studios, he has worked
as an environment lead and techni-
cal art lead for Microsoft and Digital
Anvil. Jason holds a BS in Computer
Science from the University of Texas
and currently resides in Austin, Texas.
Q: Tell us a little bit about who you are
and what you do.
A: I'm Jason Decker. I've been in the
games industry for a long time—
about 15 years. Currently, I work at
Spacetime Studios here in Austin as
an Art Director on multiple projects.
Last year we released Pocket Legends , which is an MMO for the iOS devices
and Android and will soon be released on Chrome and PC. We're currently
working on a couple of new projects, too.
Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios.
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