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likely that their friends wouldn't. And without your friends, you don't have
a social game. Thus, every additional click you require from your user is an
opportunity for them to lose interest and go do something different. And then
you don't get paid.
Let's look at the steps users have to go through to play Zynga's megahit
FarmVille on Facebook:
1. Have a computer with a web browser installed.
2. Have a Facebook account.
3. Go to the FarmVille Facebook page by searching for it or by following a
friend's link.
4. Click through the splash page by selecting “Play Now.”
5. Allow access to FarmVille so that it can use your social network to spread
its message.
6. Wait for FarmVille to load (about 15-30 seconds, depending on connection
7. Play.
FarmVille by Zynga features a streamlined frontend flow, with only four or five clicks
before a user is playing. Make it as easy as possible for your users to start playing and
you'll have more users.
Although it's possible that Zynga could have streamlined this process
further (perhaps holding off on the somewhat alarming “Allow Access” page
until after I'd played a bit?), this is overall a very smooth and streamlined
process. You should be wary of any frontend design flow that takes longer
or involves any more steps than this. We're not going to pick on some of the
games that have introduced more tangled initial user experiences, but they
should be easy enough for you to find. If you still aren't playing one minute
after you first see an ad for the game, the process for funneling users into the
game isn't good enough. Make it easy for users to start playing and you'll get
more users.
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