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11.1 The Receding Tide
There's no end in sight. The tide brings in some fresh delight with each morn-
ing edition of the gaming and business news. New acquisitions that promise to
change the landscape of mobile gaming are announced every few days. (Google
to buy Motorola Mobile?! Zynga IPO delayed?! Steve Jobs to step down from
Apple?! This last followed by even sadder news just weeks before this topic
went to print.) The technologies that let us dream up, create, balance, and main-
tain social games continue to improve at such an incredible rate that just keep-
ing up with the newest tools requires a scholar's discipline and a centurion's
stamina. And every few days, three new social games and ten new connected
mobile games appear—any one of which could very well change the landscape
of the industry and the state of the art.
At the same time, the competition out there is fierce and the discussion fast
and often heated. LinkedIn maintains a steady stream of threads from social
game developers looking for work or inquiring about partnerships, tools,
designs, and potential new hires. Game development conferences such as
Austin's GDC in the fall and the San Francisco's GDC in the spring are crowded
with insightful lectures and panel discussions on the last year's design trends,
while the lobby bars of the posh W Hotels in both cities create a watering hole
where deal-makers can gather and discuss the wars and rumors of war that
constitute industry scuttlebutt.
If you are someone who attends these sorts of conferences or participates
in online discussions on these topics, we hope that reading this topic has
helped provide you with some new insight into at least one element of this
highly complex and constantly evolving world. We hope our interviews with
some of the players—both the old-timers and the young upstarts—provoked
the spark of a new idea or brought a smile to your face remembering some of
the good times from the past. If you find yourself attending one of these sorts
of events in the future, feel free to look for us in those lobby bars and online
discussions. Drop us a line or buy us a drink, and let us know your thoughts
on what you've read here.
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