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Interview with Dallas Snell: Social Networks
and the Power of Tribes—cont'd
to pick from. It's not a high priority to them as to what things on that
menu that they do. But then you ask them, “Who are you going to
spend this time with?” and they immediately tell you. They know who
the “who” is without any question about it. And they don't really care
what the “what” is. And that tells you how the human mind sorts its
priorities. “Who” is infinitely more important because we're a group-
ing species. But once you've got your “who” figured out, the next
highest priority becomes “what are we going to do,” and if we don't
have enough novelty to choose from, boredom sets in and the whole
tribe starts getting restless.
This speaks to how Facebook succeeded. They opened up their platform
to content developers, allowing the Facebook ecosystem to fulfill the sec-
ond priority human beings have. Once I know who my “who” is, “what”
are we going to do?” I need a menu of stuff. The open Facebook platform
allowed us content providers to come in and give this massive menu of
options to all these tribes to pick from, to engage each other with.
So Facebook satisfied the “who” and satisfied a need for a large variety
of “what.”
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