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The credits are used to buy newer, better equipment and to hire higher-level,
better-skilled mercenaries. In addition to earning credits, players who are
eager to advance at a quicker-than-average pace, or who find themselves a few
thousand credits short of buying that new flamethrower, can purchase credits
through an in-game app store.
Deep RPG-style equipment, inventory, weapons, and talents available for in-game
purchase give Hunters a good deal of replayability and supports in-game currency.
Used with permission of Rodeo Games.
Credits are sold in a variety of denominations, from $0.99 for 20,000 credits
to a discounted offer of 1,000,000 credits for $16.99. These credit purchases
occur in-game, so the user is subject to only a minimal break from the game
fiction. By designing this feature to be optional, Hunters caters to players who
are comfortable spending money to save time but stops short of alienating users
less reluctant to part with their real-world dollars. And by offering credit pack-
ages at a variety of price points, they appeal to users with many different levels
of disposable income. Because they establish a price point of 20,000 credits for
a dollar, then give discounts for purchasing more credits, they convey to the
user a sense of getting a bargain by spending more money. Understanding this
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