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you assemble a squad of mercenaries, outfit them with guns and armor, then
go into drop-sites to hunt down enemy leaders, retrieve alien artifacts, and
defend reactors. The pacing is tense, and the gameplay is deep enough for
you to consider firing arcs and movement points but accessible enough not to
devolve into tactical minutiae.
Aware of the difficulties of monetizing the game on the crowded iOS mar-
ketplace, the team at Rodeo Games implemented several different monetization
Hunters features a high-quality 3D engine, great artwork, and a “just one more turn”
design mechanic well suited to mobile devices. Used with permission of Rodeo Games.
First, they offered the game for premium download at a price point that
set expectations for high quality ($6.99). Second, by appending “Episode
One” to the title, they immediately indicate to the user that this will be an
episodic game and thus will undoubtedly feature additional PDLC in the
Third, they built an in-game currency system based on credits. Players get
credits for successfully completing missions and for looting the corpses of fallen
foes. Players also get credits for accomplishing secondary mission goals (i.e.,
“No teammates were killed”) and for selling salvaged weapons and armor.
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