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Let's look at another title that has managed to incorporate several differ-
ent monetization strategies into a fun, compelling little package that takes the
strength of a hardcore game design and offers it to a wide market on mobile
8.7 Case Study: Hunters Episode One and Different
Monetization Methods
Hunters Episode One is a game where high-tech bounty hunters are engaged in turn-
based combat. Hunters released in 2011 on the iPhone and iPad. Used with permission
of Rodeo Games.
Hunters Episode One , by UK Developer Rodeo Games, is a fiendishly addictive
turn-based tactical game in the tradition of XCOM , Fallout , Jagged Alliance ,
and Squad Leader . Released for the iOS in early 2011, Hunters features a robust
character advancement backend, complete with perks, loot collection, and
plenty of high-tech weaponry and gear. A high-performance 3D engine and
beautiful background artwork bring to life the gritty sci-fi fare of ruined space
stations, arctic military bases, and the villains that inhabit them. In Hunters ,
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