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They need to actively make use of features that allow users to help the game
spread itself and remain sticky. So, throughout the coming chapters, we'll stick
with this definition, but we'll apply it generously. We'll try to evaluate game
features, pricing, content, and other components in the light cast by these three
1. The game must provide a way (and a motivation) for users to help grow the
game's user base.
2. The game must be socially sticky, using social interaction to motivate users
to regularly return to the game platform, if not to the game itself.
3. The game must interact with (or create) some sort of social ecosystem or
framework so that users can be entertained beyond simply the core mechan-
ics of “playing the game.”
Interview with Newtoy, Words with Friends
Paul Bettner and David Bettner of Newtoy on Mobile
and Social Games
Paul Bettner began mak-
ing games with Ensemble
Studios in 1997 as a game
developer. He spent 11
years with Ensemble and
Microsoft Game Studios
building the Age of Emp-
ires and Halo Wars series,
and has shipped over 22
million units during the
course of his career. In 2008,
he and his brother David started Newtoy, creators of the incredibly suc-
cessful Words with Friends game. He is now a Vice President and General
Manager at Zynga.
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