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First, the game makes it very easy for players to invite their friends to play.
By using the platform and social network integration (with Facebook), the
game was able to rapidly acquire a large number of users.
Words with Friends makes it easy for players to invite their friends. By integrating
Facebook and other types of existing connections, games can acquire new users
Second, a few elements of the game design make excellent use of the plat-
form to make the game very socially sticky. The asynchronous nature of the
game, the ability to have multiple games going at once, and the constant notifi-
cations when a friend is waiting for you to take your turn have made the game
very sticky and helped user retention. As anyone who has ever received a text
message demanding that they “hurry up and take their turn” can attest, Words
with Friends is hard to put down.
So mobile games can be social games, too, if they incorporate certain key
elements of social networks to propagate and thrive. In order to qualify under
our definition:
A social game is one in which the user's interactions with other players
help drive adoption of the game and help retain players, and that uses an
external social network of some type to facilitate these goals.
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