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Interview with Exploding Barrel: Give Them
What They Want
Heather Price joined the games industry as an advertising manager in 2001,
after a career in the packaged goods industry. She has served as a Director of
Marketing at Electronic Arts, and a Director of Product Strategy at Microsoft
Game Studios. She currently leads Exploding Barrel Games as the studio's
General Manager. Heather has a BS in Engineering from Rutgers University.
Scott Blackwood has been making games since 1994 and has expertise in
multiple genres across all platforms. During his tenure at Electronic Arts,
he worked on 16 AAA titles, created two original IPs, and was responsi-
ble for development budgets in excess of $20 million. Prior to founding
Exploding Barrel Games, most recently Scott built a 140-person team from
the ground up at EA BlackBox to create the award-winning franchise Skate .
Jeff Howell has been building software tools and games since 2002. He has
worked as a programmer at Relic Entertainment and Technical Director at
Electronic Arts. He is currently the CTO for Exploding Barrel Games. He
holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.
Q: Tell me a little bit about who you are and what you're doing.
HP: Exploding Barrel Games was founded by Scott Blackwood, our presi-
dent, in October 2009. He was most recently the Executive Producer on
the Skate franchise, which he built from the ground up to a 140-person
team. He spent 15 years at Electronic Arts and shipped 16 AAA titles.
After deciding to leave EA, he got very excited about the emerging social
and mobile market and the potential to bring AAA experiences to that
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