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game, and they miss out on many of the advantages of user attraction and reten-
tion. Some modern Modem Wars descendants like StarCraft have addressed this
shortcoming by creating their own homegrown social networks (like Blizzard's in order to become social games in their own right. Just being multi-
player doesn't make a game a social game.
2.5 Mobile Games Can Be Social
The rapid rise of smartphones and connected tablet devices has created a new
type of hardware platform for social gaming. Although these games cannot be
launched from within a social networking website, many of them—such as
Words with Friends (now owned by Zynga)—do meet our definition. Though at
its heart, Words with Friends is a straightforward word game for mobile devices,
the characteristics it shares with other social games have helped catapult it to
Words with Friends by Newtoy allows players to compete in a familiar word game over
their mobile phones or tablets. Words with Friends ' attention to social networking
features has made it a top seller on iOS.
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