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7.4 Acquiring New Users on Facebook
Here are some of the ways that money can be spent within the context of fish-
ing for users on Facebook, along with some information on the effectiveness of
each method:
l Banner install ads are one of the most common ways to generate aware-
ness of a product on this social network. These banner ads exist inside
of other Facebook applications (and potentially even in competitor's
games). If users are sufficiently interested, they can click the ad and be
taken to a page that will allow them to install your game. The network
that serves up the ads charges the advertiser for any new users who
are driven to install the game by clicking through the banner. (Note:
the charge is for the number who install the application and not for the
total number of overall impressions.) Banner ads have the advantage of
a fixed and known price per install, so costs can't run away from you
(at least not without generating new users). The ads also tend to be
nicely targeted, in that the users who see and interact with them are
already part of that subset of the population who install other Facebook
applications. But banner install ads don't offer much deep targeting of
particular users. (That is, just because a user is on a cooking recipe
application doesn't necessarily mean he or she will want to install my
zombie killer game.)
l Incentivized installation ads exist inside an application (usually a game)
and reward users with in-game currency (usually Facebook credits, as of
the time of this writing) for installing another game. These types of “offer
walls” give back to the original application for each install and are a good
way to monetize users who won't pay directly. This type of user acquisi-
tion also has a fixed cost per install (CPI) and can be a very inexpensive
way of attracting new users. However, the install traffic your game attracts
from these types of ads is inherently poor, because users are not (initially)
interested in your game at all; they install your product as a way of get-
ting currency they can spend in a different game. Moreover, because they
opt to install other applications rather than spend their own money, the
possibility of direct monetization is likely to be low. This approach is a bit
like trying to sell life insurance to people who answer ads for free stuff on
l Direct Facebook install ads cost per impression and are purchased directly
from Facebook. These live on the right-hand column of every Facebook page,
and Facebook charges advertisers per impressions (in thousand-impression
increments) as well as for click-throughs. These types of ads tend to reach a
terrific number of users in a short period of time and also tend to have high
user-engagement rates once users do click through to investigate further.
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