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The PawnSocketName variable is any socket located on the pawn.
You can even create your own! For the most part though, we'll be sticking
with either WeaponSocket or HeadShotGoreSocket (pawn's eyes).
We don't have information to place in our default properties, but we're required
to have it regardless.
Our next goal is to get the archetype created within the UDK editor. Launch the
editor and open your Actor Browser.
I like to add the -log parameter to my editor, so that I can see the debug
screen as I'm making changes. To do the same, have your launch path look
like the following:
C:\UDK\July|Binaries\UDKLift editor -log
Make sure that Use 'Actor' As Parent, Placeable Classes Only, and Show
Categories are not checked, otherwise our camera will not appear in our search.
In the search field, enter Camera , and you will see it appear.
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