Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
The WorldInfo_0 Properties dialog box should appear. Look for the Game Type tab,
which will contain our Default Game Type and Game Type for PIE (Play In Editor).
Change Default Game Type and Game Type for PIE to TutorialGame.
Now when we hit the PIE or Play In Viewport buttons, our game will load our
TutorialGame, which as we learned before, is what sets the elements we
need to have loaded for our camera, pawn, and player controller in motion.
How it works...
When changing the default gametype and adding packages to UDK, we'll always need to
configure the .ini files accordingly. These .ini , or standard configuration files, are what
the engine checks before compiling our projects, and are the ones which instruct the engine
to look for specific packages.
Once we've made those changes, so that it looks for our new game type and package
of classes, we just need to change the game type for our specific map.
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