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14. Let's change the radius of our light as well. Open the indented dark gray colored tab
marked Point Light Component to expose the Radius property. Let's cut it in half,
from the default value of 1024 down to 512 to give us a more concentrated light.
15. We should also shrink the Falloff Exponent property, so that the light source has
a sharper decline from its brightest point to its lowest. Cutting this in half, from its
default value of two and changing it to one, will suit our purpose.
You can see these changes in real time by dragging your archetype into
the scene at any point. Notice that our adjustments to the Radius and
Falloff Exponent properties shrink the light blue spherical lines around
our PointLight when viewed from the wireframe mode in the editor.
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How it works...
The best way to look at archetypes is to consider them as templates. You are inheriting all of
the values from one parent class and simply adjusting the default properties to what you feel
suits the needs for your current application.
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