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We've got our class created, but now we need to hide some properties from
the editor. Add the following code beneath where you declared your class:
/** Hides categories that we won't be needing from the
archetype */
HideCategories(Object, Debug, Advanced, Mobile, Physics,
Movement, Attachment, Physics, Collision);
Recompile the code. Be careful to note, however, that you must remove the
semicolon after extends PointLight , otherwise you'll receive an error.
With this done, we can now head back to the editor and create a new archetype.
9. Save your class and open the UDK editor.
10. Create a new archetype from your new Tut_PointLight class. Use the same
naming scheme as we had used before, so that it overwrites the one we've
previously made, as we won't be needing it anymore.
Make sure that the checkboxes for Use Actor As Parent, Placeable
Classes Only, and Show Categories are not marked, otherwise your
class will not be shown.
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