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2. From there scroll to PointLight and left-click on the + to open up all of the lights under
that category. Right-click on PointLight to bring up the Create Archetype... menu.
3. Left-click on Create Archetype... and bring up the Enter Package Name
pop-up window.
4. I've entered the following information into the fields:
Package: TutorialPackage
Grouping: Archetypes
Name: Arc_Pointlight
Now head to your content browser, and under your TutorialPackages
folder you should see a group called Archetypes , and it is filled with your new
Arc_PointLight object. With that selected, press F4 to bring up its properties.
You now have a new instance of a PointLight archetype, which you can use
as a template for future lights in your game.
We have quite a few properties exposed here though, and things look a bit cluttered.
Our level designer probably won't need access to all of these things, such as the
static mesh actor, collision, and debug. It is only a light, after all.
Let's head back to our IDE and make a brief change to the class.
Save your package by right-clicking on your folder marked Tutorial in your content
browser. If you see a * next to the package then you know that you haven't saved
since you last made a change.
Close the editor and use your IDE to create a new class. We're going to extend from
the PointLight class, as we've just used it in the editor, and it seemed to it our
needs. Create a new class called Tut_PointLight . Your code should look like
the following:
classTut_PointLight extends PointLight;
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