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Adding audio effects to our prefab
Our prefab is nearly complete! We've got all of the visual aesthetics for our prefab in place,
but it's still not very believable within the game because we don't hear any sound coming
from it. Let's change that.
Getting ready
We only need to open up the prefab we just made, as we'll be building off of that.
How to do it...
The changes here will be minor, but similar to what we've done with the particles in the
previous recipe. UDK offers extensive audio capabilities, but those are over the scope of this
tutorial, so we won't cover them here, but you can find a number of resources at the Unreal
Development Network site, .
Head back to the Content Browser tab and search for the final piece to make this
work, that is, the Waterfall_Medium_02_Cue sound effect. Drag it into the scene
and align it closely with the other objects for our leaking pipe.
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