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Align the particles in front of the pipe, so that it is nearly overlapping with the water.
We want to create an effect to appear as though there is hot steam radiating from
the front of the pipe. Adjust the scale of the particle accordingly.
Be sure to save your changes again.
How it works...
The content browser allows us to easily add components to our prefab by simply searching
for it within the browser, and dragging it into a map. Selecting our prefab and an additional
component at the same time allows the two (or more) items to be connected, and in turn,
part of the prefab from then on.
There's more...
Mix and match some particle effects until you find some that really work for you. Although it's
beyond the stretch of this tutorial, spending some time with the particle editor can really add
a sense, so that you have some trickling water to the pipe. Just be sure to take it easy when
adding too many particles as overdoing it can quickly bog down a system due to the intense
load on the CPU.
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